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Reindeer park

in east iceland

Garpur & Mosi

The reindeer park consists of two male reindeer that were rescued in 2021. They love humans, so coming to the park is an incredible experience. You’re very welcome to come and meet them! They will be very happy to see you. 

The park is located at Vínland guesthouse, in a small town called Fellabær, just next to Egilsstaðir. 

guided tour from June to September

We offer short guided tours for all visitors during opening hours in the high season (from June to September). The opening hours are from 11:00 to 17:00 daily.

Authentic Tradition

The park offers

a unique experience

Our guests can come in close range of the reindeer


The reindeer are spectacular


The Vínland guesthouse has the reindeer park in its backyard so we really recommend staying there.

If you want to stay at the cozy and friendly guesthose, you can book it here

  • They live for about 13-15 years.

  • Their hairs are hollow inside that make them great swimmers. They float very well and withstand all weather conditions

  • Each year, their horns fall off and they change their fur.

  • In the summer time, while their horns are growing, they have skin and are brown. At that time, they are very sensitive and fragile.

  • Reindeer do not have good vision, but their sense of smell is excellent

  • Rarely, the cows can give birth to two calfs, but they never milk enough for more than one calf. 

    "it was a sleepless summer"

    Björn, the reindeer dad, looked after and fed the reindeer every two hours, day and night, for about 2 months! And each feeding took about an hour, so he basically didn’t sleep at all during that time to keep them alive. 

    Contact us:

    +354 842 2519 / +354 893 4814

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    Vínland, 701 Egilsstaðir/Fellabæ


    Opening Hours

    • Open every day
      11am – 5pm

    The Reindeer park has received funding from Uppbyggingarsjóður Austurlands